This PlayStation 5 concept in black is stuff of dreams

PlayStation 5 Concept Black

The PlayStation 5 has officially made its first appearance. And it did so in a predominantly white color scheme. It’s a bold new direction for the console, and risky too, as not everyone seems to love it.

If you’re not into it, and are coming off the matte black PS4, then here’s something to brighten your day.

It did not take long but fans quickly started reimagining the new console in all-black. We already saw something similar when the DualSense controller was unveiled, and now eager designers are putting up their concepts of what the PS5 will look like with the white shell inverted.

As in, this design that renders the console in black.

The look is not that different from what the PlayStation 4 console offers, and makes use of the same black colorway with blue highlights.

But the most important thing is that the dark hues make the PS5 more discreet, and have the console fit perfectly into darker setups that apparently are more common among the user base. Most TVs don black, after all.

That said, while the lighter style is something that is growing on us, an all-black PlayStation 5 is certainly not ruled out by Sony. The Japanese company is sure to cook up custom units that will release as bundles, and hopefully a black version of the PS5 in due time.

Until that happens, though, expect creative fans to whip up some stunning concepts like this.

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