This picture of a giant PS5 is fake


Fake news! A curious little image of a giant PS5 is doing rounds on social media, where the console is standing next to an Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch for size comparison.

And while there is no doubting the fact that the PlayStation 5 may be this big anyway, this particular image is actually fake. Or, shall we say, not a real photo, but a render that shows these three consoles in line with each other.

Hard to say where this image originated, but a user that goes by as the Dreamcast Guy shared this image with the world:

Fake PlayStation 5 Image

Looks pretty real, as far as mockups go.

And it’s easy to see why people could be led to believe that it’s real.

But it is definitely not, for there are telltale signs that show that this is a render. All you have to do is look at the shadows of the consoles to see that the PlayStation 5 has its shadow pointing toward the font, while the other two have shadows leaning right.

Remarkable render, and a decent photoshop — but a photoshop nonetheless.

To be fair, it is mentioned deep in the replies that it’s a mockup. But it’s definitely something controversial that has got the public talking.

That said, now that we have a bit of an idea about the actual size of the PS5, mockups and comparison images that are floating up are hitting it very close. These comparisons are done using the disc drive and USB ports as reference points across the console.

And the only reason why we are in this weird spot, this peculiar little situation, is that with E3 cancelled due to the global health pandemic, and no live Sony show outside it, no one can actually see what the console actually looks like, how big it is.

Our best bet right now are the officially released promotional images.

Then again, images like these are no way to get a sense of scale now, are they?

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