This is what the PlayStation 5 looks like lying flat

PlayStation 5 Flat

When Sony first showed off the PlayStation 5 console, we mostly we shown the system standing vertically in all its glory — in the official images, as well as the trailer that accompanied the reveal.

Both versions, the regular PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, were seen upright.

But now, the Japanese giant has released images of both systems laying side-by-side. And in doing so, has shown off its daring new design in a bit more detail, while also providing us a hint at just how huge the next-gen console is.

Let’s get to the new image first:

PlayStation 5 Vertical

The two consoles appear to be laying on some kind of a circular stand, which looks like it might be a necessity given the curvy sides that might make laying the unit flat impossible.

Thankfully, it seems to be a thin stand that does not add much to the horizontal height of the system.

Admittedly, the console does look better standing tall as some high-tech tower, which is the original vision of the company for the PlayStation 5. And as an added benefit, the horizontal PS5 also does a far better job of hiding the disc drive paunch of the regular edition of the console.

Which do you prefer?

The vertical PS5 or the horizontal PS5?

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