The PlayStation 5 UI is a 100% refresh

PlayStation 4 UI

Well, that’s, um, refreshing! Sony had a deep presentation of the PlayStation 5 hardware last week. And it showed off a bunch of games, as well. But one thing the company did not touch on was software.

As in, the user interface of the upcoming console.

Granted, this is something that is still being finalized, but a little talk about the UI would have gone a long way in letting the world know what kind of an experience they can look forward to when they get the PS5.

Luckily, Matt MacLaurin is here to do the talking on LinkedIn. He is the VP of UX design for PlayStation at Sony, and has shared some interesting details on the PlayStation 5 user interface.

Without giving much away, he has confirmed that the PS5 UI will be a completely new, 100% overhaul of the current PlayStation 4 user interface. In the midst, some very different new concepts are thrown around.

In a sentence, you can say that the UI will be both pragmatic and based on a new visual language.

This makes sense, considering one of the defining features of the PlayStation 5 is the custom-designed SSD that is even faster than the solid-state drives found on PCs. And what this means is that not only will load times be a thing of the past, the primary focus will be on speed.

As MacLaurin puts it, the experience will be measured in millisecond across the entire UI.

And those of you who are not a fan of the color scheme of the new console, the VP teased that there will be special editions for everyone.

Maybe even a black model.

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