The PlayStation 5 comes in two versions

PlayStation 5 Versions

And both are as outlandish as you would expect them to be! First-generation hardware almost always is, as a rule. And the two newly-announced PlayStation 5 versions are no exception.

Though we still don’t have price, it is crystal clear that Sony has designed the two models to fit the budget and needs of the buyers. The hardware game is suitably expensive, and this is a way to pass the savings onto the consumers.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what we have on offer.

Sony finally revealed what the PS5 will look like when it debuts this holiday season at its all-digital event earlier today. A bushel of other details was provided, and the whole family was on display for the world to see.

But the main bullet point to consider when you go and order a PS5 is which version you want more.

There’s the regular PlayStation 5, or shall we call it the traditional variant with a disc tray. And there’s what the company calls the Digital Edition, which nixes it completely.

This setup is no different to the Xbox One systems that are available on store shelves right now. You have the choice to opt for a model that does not have a disc drive if it suits your needs and gaming habits. And this ends up cutting the cost.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any idea of what kind of pricing Sony has in mind for either system.

That said, the different between the two models is likely to be substantial — think $100 at least. That’s because the edition that features the disc drive comes with support for 4K UHD Blu-ray, and these drives are not exactly cheap.

In any case, making the right choice is important before you place your preorder.

The decision of choosing between the two PlayStation 5 versions is not just down to the looks, either. Depending on how the two systems end up handling backward compatibility, your option of playing older disc-based games also depends on the console you go for.

Choices, choices.

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