The astonishing numbers behind the PS5 reveal event

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The reveal event for the PS5, dubbed ‘The Future of Gaming’ aired live on June 11, and the show was spectacular in every sense of the word. The visuals, audio, and dynamics all were stunning.

But what’s even more impressive are the numbers that the event pulled.

Video Games Chronicle sat down to do a little analysis and found that the PlayStation 5 event have set the standard for engagement across various channels.

More than 3.5 million viewers on YouTube and Twitch watched the event live.

And a few days later, the digital event has amassed remarkable views. As of June 15, the various videos of the PS5 reveal have already surpassed 80 million combined views. And these astonishing viewership numbers are well and truly beyond greater than what statistics registered by the previous console.

The PS4 reveal event had 55 million to its name during its last appearance at E3 in 2018, while they are double the 40 million views that the PS4 had for its E3 2013 showcase.

Additionally, the official live stream video for the PS5 event has drawn 17 million viewers across the six distinct language versions within the first few days. The PS4 2013 PlayStation Meeting had 3 million in this column, and the E3 2018 exhibition for that console had 2.4 million.

Overall, despite being a digital event, ‘The Future of Gaming’ show drew in enormous viewership across the globe. Setting new benchmarks for engagement in the process.

Things couldn’t have gone better for Sony.

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