The Amazon France PS5 price leak was fake

Fake News

Moral of the story? Beware of bogus PS5 pricing stories, for there will be quite a few of these until Sony is here with the official numbers. The recent Amazon France one was just the start.

You may recall that the PlayStation 5 console was listed by Amazon in France a few days back, with reports saying that the base console would be priced at €499.99. It also listed the release date as being Friday, November 20.

Not everyone was convinced with the listing, of course.

Nevertheless, the image made good rounds on social media, racking up views and shares, comments and controversies aplenty. What made this rather strange was that everyone sharing the image was using the same, single screengrab.

Almost as if no one else managed to nab a screenshot before the page was taken down.

As it stands, Amazon France itself has confirmed that the image being circulated with the PS5 price and release date is a fake. It was not from its website, and in fact, no such listing actually went up. The pricing details and the street date, both had been forged.

So that’s that.

Come to think of it, it is extremely unlikely that Sony would let this critical information be widely disseminated ahead of an official announcement — not when the Japanese company kept the console unveil well under wraps for so long.


Let’s just want for Sony to come forward with its next announcement for the real deal.

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