Super stylish PlayStation 5 hardware finally revealed

PlayStation 5 Hardware

Wowzer! We’ve had little to go about the PlayStation 5 hardware. Unlike the competition, Sony did well to keep things under wraps. All we got was a dry presentation about the console’s architecture, to go with a surprise reveal of the system’s DualSense controller.

But that all changed today, as the company finally ended the drought of information.

At its ‘The Future of Gaming’ event, and after nearly an hour of gaming announcements, Sony finally provided the first real look at the PlayStation 5 hardware.

And it’s a looker alright!

PlayStation 5 Console

The PS5 is about as stylish as it can get, with the company is in no mood for subtlety here, as the futuristic design has curves in all the right places. You also have splashes of color that match the controller that had already been previously unveiled.

You can get a better look at the console in the following trailer:

Just like the Xbox Series X, the PS5 can be placed vertically or horizontally underneath a TV or a monitor. The company has designed a stand that works for either orientation. Though the company has built the stand a little differently for the Digital Edition of the console.

Vents for heat dissipation are included at the top of the unit, while USB-A and USB-C ports are housed at the front.

PlayStation 5 Variants

Surprisingly, Sony has gone for two different variants of the consoles. One comes with a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, and one without.

The PS5 variant without the optical drive is a pure Digital Edition, and looks substantially slimmer than the regular model. It also has a more symmetrical and minimalist design. Plus, the removal of the drive should mean that this model should be cheaper, too.

However, Sony has not mentioned price just yet.

The PlayStation 5 launches worldwide later this year.

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