Sony explains why the PlayStation 5 is huge

PlayStation 5 Size

Why, indeed. We got a detailed look at the PlayStation 5 recently. And although the design of the console is a bit divisive, the space-age style still is gorgeous.

Apart from the design, the one thing that caught everyone by surprise was the size of the PS5.

It’s an absolute unit!

This is something that is slowly dawning up the fandom, the fact that the PlayStation 5 is going to be a big box. Not only is the PS5 the largest console Sony has ever designed, it’s also significantly taller than the Xbox Series X.

The reason for this size increase is exactly what you would expect. Matt MacLaurin, the VP of UX design for PlayStation, who recently shared his thoughts on the user interface of the console, explained it as:

“This gen is little supercomputers. While the 7nm process delivers amazing heat performance for the power, the power is very extreme. This tech is still so fresh it throws a lot of heat so we need room to dissipate.”

Even the new DualSense controller appears to be bulkier than DualShock 4. In that aspect the size of the console itself should not come as surprising.

A Reddit user, in fact, recently posted a comparison image.

PlayStation 5 Size Comparison

It compares the sizes of the past few Sony and Xbox consoles, including various models from the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One families. Also thrown in are the standard sizes of disc drives and USB ports, for comparison.

And well, the PS5 is huge, let’s just leave it at that.

The good news is that the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible. What this means is that you own a sizable collection of PlayStation 4 games, then you will be able to play them on the new console, without having to keep the old one in your cabinet.

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