Samsung 980 Pro SSD may outclass custom PS5 drive

Samsung 980 Pro SSD

Samsung bringing the heat! The blazing-fast custom PS5 drive has been the talking point of Sony’s new console, but it seems like other solid-state drive makers are in on the act as well.

And Samsung is leading the charge here with the 980 Pro SSD that is now on the horizon.

According to reports, this latest creation from the South Korean giant is nearing release, and could be here a couple of months from now. The company first took the warps off this drive back at CES 2020, announcing it as a storage solution for the future.

Back then, there was speculation that Sony and Microsoft could use the 980 Pro inside their next-gen consoles. But we now know that this is not the case, as this one is a clip faster than what’s inside both these units.

How fast?

Well, the Samsung unit supports speeds of up to 6.5GB/s, which makes it even faster than the flash memory in the PlayStation 5 that is rated at 5.5GB/s.

The PCIe 4.0 MW NVME solution is also good for write speeds in the 5GB/s range, meaning this is one of the very few drives out there that can support the type of performance that Sony envisioned for the PlayStation 5 console.

And the best part is that the 980 Pro SSD may actually be here before the PS5 itself.

Although Samsung is yet to reveal a release date for its newest drive, the 980 Pro has already received certification from South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), which suggests that we are not far away from launch.

The good news is that the drive will be available in different capacities — starting at 256GB and going all the way up to 1TB. Pricing is currently unknown, but expect it to be more visibly expensive than other SSDs on the market.

Some of the variants may even be more expensive than the actual PlayStation 5 console!

But that’s to be expected for such a cutting-edge creation.

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