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Welcome to the Playstation 5 Knowledgebase. Just like our Playstation 5 FAQ page, this is designed to be an all-encompassing source of Playstation 5 information and we will continue to update this as we learn more information.

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Are PlayStation 5 pre-orders available?

No, with only a few days away, most stores have sold out!

Pre-orders were previously available online at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, B&H, Walmart, Gamestop, and other major retailers. However, with the launch date coming up in the next few days, many of these retailers, and even Sony themselves have either sold out or closed their pre-orders.

However, for those living in the UK, new units are available online on 19th November for launch day at Very and John Lewis. In the US, Sony has announced that it will be available online for purchase on 12th November, also as part of launch day. Additionally, Walmart will be selling the PS5 on intervals starting at noon on the same date. As for the rest of the world, the console is available online on 19th November.

Can I watch Netflix on my Playstation 5?

Definitely! The new Media space offers that and more!

One of the new features introduced in the PS5 is the “Media” space that sits right next to the “Game” space in the console’s interface. What it does is that it allows PS5 users to download media apps such as Netflix into the console to be enjoyed after a hard day of gaming.

Unlike the PS4, the Media space allows ease of access to download apps so that users don’t have to go through the PS store. Not only that, but the PS5 also supports other streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Disney+, Spotify, Twitch, and Youtube. To sweeten the pot, a media remote is also included during launch day for quicker navigation of the media space.

Can PlayStation 5 play PlayStation 3 games?

Sort of. Currently, only remastered versions are compatible.

Although Sony has marketed about the PS5’s backward compatibility, currently, only games from the PS4 or those available in the PS Store can be played directly in the PS5. However, all hope is not lost, coming soon to the PS5 is the Playstation Now, or PS Now feature.

What this is is a cloud that stores games from previous generations (think of it as a Netflix or Steam to PS consoles), which might allow PS5 users to access games from the PS3 era. Currently, there’s no way around it but to accept that PS3 games cannot be played in PS5 unless it is remastered into PS4, or in a digital copy.

Can PlayStation 5 play PlayStation 4 games?

Absolutely! Playable, with an improved experience.

One of the major hypes related to the PS5 is with regards to the backward compatibility of the system. According to Hideaki Noshino, the Senior Vice President of Platform Planning and Management of Playstation, more than 99 percent of the 4000+ PS4 titles including Playstation VR, will be playable in the PS5 on day one.

Additionally, with the added power of the PS5’s next-gen technology, players will experience an added boost to their gaming experience. One such example lies in faster loading speed, and framerates. Players can even ramp up the graphics up to 4k on some PS4 titles.

Can the PlayStation 5 play 4k movies?

Yes! With a slight difference between Digital and Standard Edition.

The PS5 is a multipurpose platform allowing to not only play games, but stream shows, and listen to music. When it comes to watching movies in 4k, PS5 owners are limited to which edition of the console they did buy.

For those who purchased the Digital Edition, it all depends on whether the movie streamed runs at 4k. This is where the Standard Edition has the upper hand. With the built-in 4k Blu-ray player, owners of this edition will be able to enjoy movies in 4k whether streamed or in a physical copy.

However, it should be noted that there are noticeable differences in 4k quality between streaming movies and movies in physical copies.

Can the PlayStation 5 play DVDs?

Of course! The DVD is old but it’s not obsolete yet.

One of the more interesting questions presented by potential buyers of PS5 is whether it is capable of running DVDs. Assuming the PS5 stated was the Standard Edition, with the built-in 4k Blu-ray disc player, then of course it can play DVDs.

If it was the Digital Edition, then that would be a different story. Additionally, the PS5 may attempt to upscale DVDs up to 4k too! So, users can breathe a sigh of relief as all the old DVD collections gathered throughout the years will not go to waste.

However, this feature is only limited to non-gaming DVDs. PS3 DVDs are still non-playable in the PS5.

Does the Playstation 5 have an external hard drive?

Sort of. The PS5 does have an external hard drive slot. But PS5 games cannot be stored in it.

Shortly after the full PS5 review coverage went out, the internal storage of the console has certainly been a hot topic. Currently, the PS5 has 825GB SSD hard drive with only 667.2GB storage accessible for players.

Considering the average size of next-gen games being around 50GB to 80GB excluding updates, it is clear how fast memory space will be filled.

This same problem occurred for PS4 and it was remedied by plugging in an external hard drive. Fortunately, the PS5 is also capable of accepting external hard drives.

However, you cannot store memory of the PS5 games into the hard drive. For now, external hard drives for the PS5 are only capable of storing PS4 games in the PS5.

Does the Playstation 5 have Bluetooth?

Yes. However, bear in mind that not all Bluetooth devices are compatible.

Bluetooth compatibility, especially regarding headsets, has been quite the issue ever since the PS4 era. However, this does not mean that there was no Bluetooth.

It just meant that not all devices were compatible with the PS4’s Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the same can be said with the PS5. The PS5 will launch with Bluetooth 5.1 which will allow for faster speeds, at least from the DualSense controllers.

When it comes to audio devices, however, just like its PS4 predecessor, Bluetooth headsets and audio devices will not be compatible with the console.

Well, at least, only third-party audio accessories aren’t. All audio accessories and devices dedicated to the PS5 will still be available for purchase if it’s any consolation.

How does the Playstation 5 compare to the Xbox Series X?

The PS5 is eager to flaunt its next-gen tech while the Xbox Series X takes a more conservative and inclusive approach.

It has been a debate for ages between fans of the Playstation line and fans from the Xbox line. When it comes to price and specs, both consoles are similar to each other with only a slight advantage to Xbox Series X when it comes to specs.

The Xbox Series X appeals to gamers leaning towards crossplay experience, as the Xbox Series X excels over the PS5 with its launch of the Project xCloud which allows users to play Xbox games on their supported android mobile devices.

However, the PS5 takes a more look-to-the-future approach with its introduction of the new haptic feedback DualSense controllers, and 3D audio when playing with a headset, which gives players a more immersive gaming experience.

Added to that, the PS5 will provide VR support whereas Xbox Series X is less interested in that prospect.

How many versions of PlayStation 5 are there?

There are 2 versions – The Standard Edition, and the Digital Edition.

The main difference between these two versions is that the Standard Edition comes with a 4k Blu-ray disc drive, while the Digital Edition does not.

Performance-wise, there are barely any noticeable differences. If anything, it all depends on how much the buyer values games in a physical copy.

An important note, however, is that the Standard Edition allows owners to play disc versions of PS4 games directly. There is also a slight difference in price between the two versions.

Due to the lack of a disc drive, the Digital Edition is $100 cheaper than the Standard Edition, which comes at $499 online.

How much does the Playstation 5 cost?

$499 for the Standard Edition. $399 for the Digital Edition.

The launching price for the Standard Edition and Digital Edition will cost $499 and $399 respectively. Currently, the PS5 can only be bought online, and those interested can buy them directly from Sony, or popular retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and various others depending on location.

For those who missed the pre-orders, several units will be sold during launch day including several PS5 accessories such as the 3D audio headset, and dual controller chargers. Based on several unboxing videos, the PS5 set comes with the console, one DualSense Controller, an HDMI cable similar to the PS4, a console stand, and a charging cable.

How much storage does the Playstation 5 have?

825GB of SSD Storage, but not all are usable.

One of the main attractions that next-gen consoles are showcasing is the new SSD hardware. Unfortunately, as most computer users know, SSD storage is rarely large.

Thanks to that, even if the PS5 markets its max internal storage at 825GB, players can only use at most 667.2GB of it. The main reason for this limited storage unit is to give way for things like the operating system, firmware, and updates that Sony wants to make sure every player gets access to.

To make matters worse, players can’t remedy this issue like the PS4 where an external hard drive can be used as extra memory space.

However, sometime in the future, Sony will allow the installation of an NVMe SSD to expand the internal storage. Until then, players will just have to manage their storage sparingly.

Is PlayStation 5 locked by region?

No. However, the same can’t be said for DLCs.

A region-lock is when a game from certain regions won’t work on a console. A classic example of this is when some Japanese exclusive titles can’t be played in Europe.

However, this trend seems to have diminished since the PS3 era, but it is still a cause for concern since the Nintendo 3DS is still using region-lock.

Fortunately for the PS5, it is highly unlikely that the PS5 will be region-locked considering how the PS4 was not region-locked. Be that as it may, DLCs might be a different story, especially when various DLCs from PS4 titles were inaccessible to certain regions.

Is the PlayStation 5 backward compatible?

Yes, but it only goes back up to PS4.

Backward compatibility is a common question brought up by would-be PS5 owners. Considering how many PS4 titles are already on the market, it would be a shame to see it all wasted once the PS5 comes around.

Thanks to that, Sony has confirmed that 99 percent of PS4 titles will be playable on the PS5. Interestingly, PS5 also offers a “boost” feature that will make PS4 titles run at the speed and quality of a PS5. Provided of course, that the games were installed in the PS5’s internal storage and not from an external hard drive.

Additionally, PS5 is also compatible with all VR titles. However, the PS5 cannot play games from the PS3 and older consoles, unless the titles have been remastered to run on PS4.

Is the Playstation 5 sold out?

Currently, yes. However, check retailers frequently as restocks are mostly unannounced.

Most major stores have already sold out their PS5 pre-order units. It is already a well-known fact that the PS5 has been near-impossible to find ever since it sold out after 16th September.

Fortunately, several units will be sold online on launch day at major retailers. Even so, timing and availability will vary according to retailers, so it all comes down to luck during the day of the event.

As of now, only one major retailer, Walmart, has revealed when to order PS5 on launch day in the US. It will be sold in intervals on 12th November at 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm. For the rest of the world, information remains as obscure as ever.

Is there a Playstation 5 VR?

There is, it’s called the PSVR 2. Just don’t expect it to come out yet.

Sony has already that with backward compatibility, PSVR is fully supported on the PS5. That doesn’t mean that that’s the end of VR technology.

Sometime in the future, Sony plans to release the PSVR 2, which includes a new headset, new motion controllers with touch input, and possibly be wireless.

While it isn’t clear yet as to how the design will change, other than being less wired, expect hand-tracking controllers to take-over the previous wand-type controllers. Unfortunately, it will take some time before the PSVR 2 is released. Speculations are plenty but don’t expect it anytime soon within 2020.

Is there going to be a limited supply of the Playstation 5?

Unfortunately, yes. Approximately 5-6 million units will be sold during launch day.

Despite all the hype, the production of the PS5 is lower than its previous consoles during launch day. One of the main reasons, according to Sony, is due to production issues with the PS5’s main chip.

However, production is expected to increase by up to 11 million during March 2021. For the time being, units are in limited supply during launch day. So, unless the consoles were pre-ordered, those intending to buy the PS5 on launch day will have to bet their hopes on luck and a lot of patience to get their hands on a PS5.

Otherwise, it will take up till next year before the shelves are restocked again.

What does the PlayStation 5 look like?

The Playstation 5 is large with a white outer shell that surrounds a black inner layer.

PlayStation 5 Flat

If all the online reveal and unboxing videos didn’t make it clear enough, the PS5 has a unique space-age design with a rounded white top surrounding a black centerpiece.

A complete contrast from its previous lines of matte black, the PS5 is by far the largest console in the Playstation line. From the front portion of the black lining, the power button, and two USB ports (one type-C), along with the reset button.

In between the white shell and the black layer two vents run parallel to each other and embedded with blue LED lights to add to the futuristic feel when the machine is running. Next to the power buttons, a disc port can be seen in the Standard Edition which is absent in the Digital Edition.

Finally, the back portion consists of two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a port for the power cable, and a port for the HDMI cable.

What games will launch with the Playstation 5?

Several next-gen games are already lining up for launch along with the PS5.

While the PS5 promotes backward compatibility with PS4 titles, that does not mean that there will be no PS5 exclusive titles.

Compiled is a list of all the games confirmed to be released during launch along with the console:

  • Astro’s Playroom – A pre-installed game to showcase the DualSense controllers.
  • Demon’s Souls – A remake of the legendary PS3 classic
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Bugsnax
  • Fortnite
  • Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
  • Dirt 5
  • Godfall
  • Observer: System Redux
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • The Pathless

Along the way, new titles are already expected to surface sometime in the next year such as Horizon: Forbidden West, and a sequel to PS4’s popular God of War, God of War: Ragnarok.

What version of Playstation 5 should I buy?

Ultimately, it depends on personal taste. Cash and internet reliability also plays a big role.

The major difference between the two versions of PS5 – The Standard Edition, and the Digital Edition, is the existence of a disc tray.

Thanks to that, there will be a $100 price difference between these two versions. The Standard Edition caters to buyers with a vast collection of PS4 physical copies, or those intending to collect physical copies at least. Meanwhile, the Digital Edition is for those who have strong internet connectivity and can wait to download every game they buy from the online store.

Additionally, those with choppy internet are recommended to pick the Standard Edition since physical copy games don’t require the internet to run. Finally, owners of the Standard Edition can enjoy their collection of Blu-ray movies thanks to the disc tray.

What’s PlayStation 5 digital edition?

Picture a PS5, without the disc tray.

The Digital Edition is cheaper than the Standard Edition PS5 costing at $399 instead of the $499 of the Standard Edition. The obvious difference is the lack of a disc tray that the Standard Edition offers.

This means that owners of the Digital Edition will have to count on buying games from the online PS Store. Physical versions of the PS4 titles will also be unavailable for play due to obvious reasons.

Fortunately, based on the specs given for both Standard Edition and Digital Edition, the absence of the disc tray is the only difference between the two. Performance-wise, owners can expect the same powerful performance marketed for the PS5.

However, this also means that owners have more reliance on internet connectivity compared to their Standard Edition counterparts.

When is the Playstation 5 release date?

12th November for the US and related regions, and 19th November for the UK and other parts of the world.

It has been confirmed that the release date for the PS5 will be on 12th November in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the UK, the release date has been extended to 19th November and this will also be the release date for other parts of the world. However, don’t expect a grandiose event similar to the launch days before.

Sony has confirmed that the consoles will only be sold online to discourage large gatherings due to present circumstances. As for those who have pre-ordered, expect to enjoy your consoles on the launch day depending on your region.

Where can I buy the PlayStation 5 online?

Checkout major online retailers in your region. Or try buying from Sony directly.

It is no surprise that searching for a PS5 is near if not impossible to find in online retail stores. However, these are the recommended stores to check out during launch day for those in the US:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Gamestop
  • Walmart
  • Official Sony Site
  • Target

As for those in the UK, some shops are open, but only for those who have pre-ordered to pick up their orders from. These shops are also available for online purchase:

  • Very
  • Smyths
  • Amazon UK
  • John Lewis
  • GAME
  • eBay – mostly re-sell, so careful with the prices

For those outside these regions, check out your local major retailers, Amazon, or even the Official Sony website.

Will the Playstation 5 support VR?

It will! Although, don’t expect to see any major changes in terms of experience.

While there is no doubt about the quality of games exclusive to the PS5, and also the quality of PS4 games played in the PS5, questions arise regarding PS5’s readiness to tackle VR. Based on the reviews of various testers, PS5 is more than capable of handling VR.

However, there isn’t much change between VR in PS4 and VR in PS5. Although the loading times are noticeably faster in PS5. To be fair, if the question concerning buyers is if there is VR in PS5, then there is. Just don’t have too high of an expectation about the VR performance yet.

Will the PlayStation 5 support Playstation 4 controllers?

Simple answer, no. Not so simple answer, PS4 controllers can be used with the PS5 on “supported PS4 games”.

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which allows compatibility with its Xbox One controllers, the PS5 technically does not support this feature.

However, thanks to backward compatibility, Sony confirms that it can work on “supported PS4 games”. As for what the supported PS4 games are, remains to be seen. One of the main reasons the PS5 is not compatible with PS4 controllers is to encourage people to use the new DualSense controllers.

Fortunately, officially licensed racing wheels, arcade sticks, flight sticks, and VR will work with the PS5. What this means to players is that they would have to purchase another DualSense controller if they ever want to play co-op PS5 games.