Former Xbox executive says “No way” to PlayStation 5 price

Albert Penello

No way! A former Xbox executive has squashed the rumors of a high PlayStation 5 price, claiming it next to impossible that Sony will go in with a high price tag at launch.

Not when Microsoft is breathing at its tail with the Xbox Series X.

Sony brought the moon to it’s The Future of Gaming digital event last week that revealed the hardware highlights and upcoming games of its upcoming next-generation console. But the Japanese company withheld many an important detail of the new machine.

Including its price.

This naturally made everyone curious.

Rumors began circulating about the price of the PlayStation 5. And these were not helped by leaks on the matter, as retailers began putting up placeholder or dummy listings for the two variants of the PS5, many with outrageous prices.

All this added to the anxiety of the people that were planning to buy the real product.

Former Xbox marketing director, Albert Penello, weighed in with his thoughts amidst all this, saying that no way that this console is price over $499.

He followed up on the matter saying that price in this generation may well be the most important indicator of success, maybe even more than exclusives.

To that end, it’s hard to see either Sony or Microsoft fumbling this up.

Penello was the senior director of console marketing at Microsoft, and led the Xbox division at the company. His 18-year career came to an end in April of 2018 when he left the Redmond giant. He is now the Senior Manager for Product Management at Amazon.

But the key thing to note here is that Albert Penello is a credible individual. He is well-versed about the intricacies of bringing a gaming console to the market, having previously overseen the marketing for the launches of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

And if his prediction is accurate, the price tag of the PlayStation 5 will end up being pretty reasonable.

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