Did this retailer just confirm the PlayStation 5 launch price?


Eye-watering! The two key pieces of information Sony left out of their PlayStation 5 announcement last night were the final release date and the price of the new console.

Both are details that have left gamers in debate.

Well, one online retailer is here to add fuel to the fire, as it just may have confirmed the launch price of the PS5 console. Play-Asia is one of the biggest video game retailers around. And we have one of the first listings of the Sony PlayStation 5 here, as preorders for the gaming machine went live there.

This brand-new listing reveals that the PlayStation 5 will retail for $699.

USD, of course.

It is for the version of PS5 that comes with the Blu-Ray drive, obviously. But seeing that this price well and truly exceeds the infamous $599 price tag of the high-end 60GB model of the PlayStation 3 means that it may push it out of the budget of some interested gamers.

PlayStation 5 Price Play-Asia

The listing has since been revised, but it still says that Sony’s flagship console is expected to ship sometime in December 2020.

Only a limited number of product pictures and information about the PS5 is available on the preorder page, which makes it hard to confirm what cables might come with the base console, or even what its rear ports look like.

But a similar listing over retailer does hint at a $79.99 price tag for the DualSense controller, which again is expensive but expected.

Do note that these are just early, unofficial prices.

Fingers crossed that we got some official numbers from Sony soon so that this confusion can be laid to rest. And obviously, the price tag for the Digital Edition of the console will be of real interest here, as that version of the PlayStation 5 may fly off the shelves if it is considerable cheaper.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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