Amazon France leaks PlayStation 5 price and release date

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For a fleeting second, that is. Amazon France briefly listed the PlayStation 5 price and release date, before quickly taking that information out of the listing.

But not before keen eyes immortalize the details via screenshots.

Ben Geskin is one such person who stumbled upon the listing before it was scrubbed. He is a content creator and concept designer with a follow based of over 100,000 on Twitter. And he tweeted the following image:

Amazon France leaks PlayStation 5 price and release dateAmazon France PS5 Listing

Since the listing has been removed, it is entirely possible that the information isn’t accurate. So, take it with a generous helping of salt.

But it aligns with the previous leak on the matter in terms of price and release date. Making this PS5 listing at Amazon not at all unbelievable as far as the details go.

The console is on track to hit store shelves smack in the middle of the Holiday shopping season. A street date of November 20, 2020 means that it will become available one week before Black Friday. And we can certainly expect retails to put up some bundle deals for the system.

As for the price, the Amazon France listing had prices for both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. It was listed at €499 for the former, and €399 for the latter.

Converting that into USD, it comes up to $565 and $450 respectively. Or £447 and £358 in the UK.

That is quite expensive, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Then again, a $450 price for the Digital Edition seems reasonable and the way to go, unless you are not into streaming and absolutely want to watch 4K Blu-ray discs on your console.

Anyway, still a fair while before we get something official from Sony on this.

And a lot could change between now and release.

These early listings are just that.

Early listings.

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